Discipline Procedures

The Hillsborough County ordinance Child Discipline requires that the parents be notified in writing of the disciplinary practices used by Childcare facilities.

1. Spanking or any other form of physical punishment is prohibited.

2. Discipline shall not be associated with food, rest or toileting.

We at Together Time ensure that disciplinary practices are both constructive and appropriate to the child’s age and are properly administrated. The following are guidelines, which may assist you in guiding young children’s behavior:



An effort should be made to recognize and re-enforce positive behavior and ignore negative behavior whenever possible.



Never threaten a child with punishment that cannot to be carried out.


Do not use threatening gestures.



Do not argue with a child; let them express his/ her feelings that state in


Extreme behavior such as kicking, biting, scratching, spitting, throwing objects, chronic a firm and positive manner what is expected. crying and temper tantrums can usually be controlled by giving the child a choice of discontinuing such behavior or being separated from the group within the teacher’s sight.


The teacher usually corrects simple behavioral problems in a calm, professional manner and through the use of encouragement and positive reinforcement techniques.


In some situations it may be necessary to take away the child’s privilege of participating in certain activity.


If discipline continues to be a problem the parent should be called for a conference to discuss the possible solutions.


To report suspected abuse or neglect you must call the Florida Protective Services System toll free abuse registry line 1-800-96-ABUSE operated 24 hours per day. Doctors, nurses, social workers, police officers, childcare workers, any witnesses, any/all school personnel MUST REPORT ABUSE. It can also be reported on line


Children CAN NOT be brought to the Center if they have:

Diarrhea, vomiting, severe nasal secretions, undetermined rashes, fever, headaches, upset stomach. THEY MUST BE WITHOUT SYMPTOMS FOR 24 HOURS BEFORE RETURNING TO SCHOOL.

Any child who is suspected of having a communicable disease or exhibits other SIGNS and SYMPTOMS which include: severe coughing, causing the child to become red or blue in the face or to make a whooping sound, difficult or rapid breathing, stiff neck, diarrhea (more than one abnormally loose stool within a 24 hour period), a temperature of one hundred degree Fahrenheit (100 F) or higher taken by the axillary’s method, unusually dark urine, yellowish skin or eyes, open skin lesions that shows redness and exudates can not be allowed in the center until healthy.

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